WELCOME TO 2017  MAGICAL HEALING  &                                        DIVINATION CAMP

Hello Lovely People and welcome to the 2nd 


2018 promises to be a totally epic and special year because not only is  this is the launch year of the 'Magical Healing & Divination' camp but the Spirit of Awen Camp is celebrating its 6th year, which is totally amazing.


Once again we have been inspired and have spent the dark months brewing new, wonderful and magical camps for you to fully immerse yourselves in.


So be assured that this years camps planing is already in full flow as we organise what we hope will be yet more amazing events and as ever our imaginations and creativity are over flowing and the Awen, without doubt, is assuredly guiding.


So join us and experience the magic of Awen,The Healing and Divination of craft & Self & journey with us between the sacred realms of existence.


Know that there will be workshops aplenty, dancing and merriment and drinking of mead!......With music and much laughter.

There will be celebration and ritual, a gathering and a coming together and shared experience,A sacred space created and held by all, full of Magical Healing & Divination


So immerse yourselves in the inspiration and the creativity of being. Indulge yourselves in the wonders of the workshops and teachings of those waiting to share their skills and knowledge.


    So help us to celebrate the Spark of life, the essence of spirit and of being in the cycle of all that has been, all that is and all the potential of all that is yet to come……………


Michelle Axe & Jamie Joel Blackwater